good cheese webcomic


At Mussell Shoals Highschool, life unfolds for a group of geeky buddies. All the characters are anthro, or furry- in other words, a bunch of cute animal people.

Ashlee Hurwitz
Species: Dormouse
Age: 15
Ashlee has trouble communicating her feelings, but cares deeply for her friends. Often irreverent but rarely outspoken, she is more of a thinker and listener.

Gunther Hausmann
Species: Lynx
Age: 15
A shy kid interested in art and video games, Gunther puts the feelings of others before his own. Still, he's pretty clueless about girls and romance.

Priya Parvati
Species: Hare
Age: 15
Priya can be rather unladlylike and sometimes oblivious to the feelings of others. She hasn't noticed that a lot of guys think she's cute. Energetic but a little hot-tempered at times, Priya is probably the most immature of the girls.

Jerome Baker
Species: Striped Skunk
Age: 16
Jerome promotes himself as the all-purpose expert, and tends to show off for girls. He's really into weird music, and wants to start a band with his best friend, Mitch.

Nina Morena Agil
Species: Dhole
Age: 16
Most often described as 'stylish' and 'sophisticated', Nina is probably the most mature of the girls. She likes to maintain this image even though she's pretty naive in regards to 'real life'.

Mara Kilpatrick
Species: Wallaby
Age: 15
Energetic and cheery, a romantic at heart. Mara drifts through life on a happy little cloud. She loves playing softball and reading trashy teen magazines.

Calib Peterson
Species: Squirrel
Age: 14
He's a smart-aleck, and argumentative, so most folks see him as an obnoxious jerk. But he also seems to be the only one who realizes he's in a comic.

Mitch Calhoun
Species: Goat
Age: 18
He dropped out of high school to pursue a musical career, but soon returned. Mitch is kind of goofy, likes playing practical jokes, and doesn't seem to care what others think of him.

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