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Good Cheese moves to

The Good Cheese webcomic has found a new home, once again.

After a nearly 3-year run on the subscription manga site Wirepop, the comic entered a hiatus. I don't have time to update the comic regularly, but rather than let it languish and take up space on someone else's server, I've moved it back to my website. Prior to its overhaul and Wirepop run, Good Cheese was hosted on Keenspace, and before that on this site. So it's really a homecoming, of sorts.

You'll notice advertisements on the right- that's the new revenue model for this comic. Although Wirepop had subscriptions, there wasn't enough income to justify the time and labor invested into Good Cheese- it was always a labor of love. Now I'm hoping this model will be able to support the comic- with enough revenue I can continue the saga with new chapters!

-- Kelly

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